Edit your Activity Passport on line and print it out, or just print it out blank. If you wish you can add school specific details to the passport before printing or saving. Just click on the link to get started.

Get Passport Here – Start Personalising

This template has been laid out so you can print it on landscape A4 paper, fold it in half, staple through the cover (there’s a faint dotted line to show the centre of the cover) and produce a 12-page double-sided A5 booklet. When you print the booklet, select options that allow you to print landscape, flipping the pages on the short side (flipping pages on the long side will give upside down pages).

If you have problems with this, download the document first, open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and then choose print.


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Mobile Version Here

If you want to keep an editable version of the Activity Passport on your phone you can download our Mobile Version here.

Click on the link above from your mobile phone and the Activity Passport will appear. Then choose to “Copy to Acrobat” from your phone’s menu. Then on your phone you will be able to edit the passport to record your own achievements.

To get to the Activity Passport quickly, scan this QR Code.