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Activity Passport for Parents

For Parents

Things I'd like to add to the activity passport for parents to do:

teach their child to tell the time,

tie their laces,

zip their coat up, brush their teeth, cross the road safely.

Any others? Asks @LTeacher123 on Twitter.

Suggestions in response have been:

  1. Turn the page if their book without asking.
  2. Carry their own bag to and from school.
  3. Know how to play a board game or playground games.
  4. How use the toilet properly.
  5. Have an open mind and want to find out more.
  6. You've got to put folding/sorting laundry and pairing socks.
  7. How to relay an accurate version of events when they get home and describe an incident to parents!
  8. Teach them to swim!
  9. When talking to you USE EYE CONTACT.
  10. If there’s something on the floor in class - pick it up.
  11. Read with them and/or to them each day.
  12. Accept that sometimes their child will be in the wrong.
  13. To not immediately reply with “No I didn’t.” Every single time!! Admit when u messed up.
  14. Know their date of birth and home address.
  15. Teach their children not to drop litter.
  16. Keep mouth closed when chewing.
  17. Use a tissue, not their sleeve.
  18. Tell the time.
  19. Give them breakfast.
  20. Treat nits.
  21. Send in PE kit.
  22. Take TVs and Consoles out of bedrooms of Primary age children.
  23. Hold the door for someone behind them.
  24. Use scissors.
  25. Blow own nose.
  27. Say please and thank you.
  28. Sit still and listen for a couple of minutes.
  29. Share and take turns.
  30. Put things back where they got them from.
  31. Use a tissue.
  32. Look after their own belongings.
  33. Count things.
  34. Measure things.
  35. Read.
  36. How to use please and thank you.
  37. Not talk back to an adult.
  38. Bring their own bag into class.
  39. Know how to spell their surname.
  40. Know how to cut their own food up.
  41. Flush the toilet and wash their hands.
  42. Cooking.
  43. Say ‘please’, ‘thank you ‘, ‘excuse me ‘.
  44. How to wash their hands properly with soap.
  45. Wash and dry their hands after toilet visits.
  46. Not sharpen pencils all over the table when there’s a bin just there.
  47. Pick stuff up when they’ve dropped it.
  48. Tell the truth about how the teacher spoke to them.
  49. Clean up their bedrooms.
  50. Wee in the urinal. Poo in the toilet. Not vice versa.