Parent Newsletter on Activity Passports

Newsletter Activity Passports Sample Entry in School Newsletter. Dear Parents, You may have heard about the Government’s new initiative called “My Activity Passport”. This is a […]

Parents Could Manage Activity Passports

Give Control to Parents If you are a Headteacher you may be faced with the question from parents about what is happening in your school with […]

Solving Activity Passport Problems

Help! You have decided to launch an Activity Passport programme in your school and are at the point of experimenting with producing a physical Activity Passport. […]

Activity Passport Rewards for Success

Parental Rewards As a parent you think the idea of an Activity Passport is fantastic and you want to support it wholeheartedly. In fact your child […]

All Activities in the Passport

Listed Are you trying to get a feel for the Activity Passport and how it might fit into your school’s current offer? Maybe an overview of […]

What Would You Add to the Passport?

Whenever you create a list of anything, someone is sure to say "you've missed something essential out". This is even more true when the government have created the list.

OFSTED Statement on Activity Passports

Sean Harford Clarifies OFSTED Stance Sean Harford is OFSTED’s National Director, Education. In response to a request on Twitter, Sean said “We won’t be looking at the […]

Why Use Our Version of the Activity Passport?

Personalisation You may be wondering why we would offer the Activity Passport for download from our website when you can get it directly from the DfE […]

Governing Body – Activity Passports

The Governors For many teachers the governing body is a group of people they rarely have contact with. They probably never think of them at all. […]


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