Activity Passport Financial Support

Enlist the PTFA A lot of teachers are asking on Twitter whether the DfE are going to support the Activity Passport financially. Well it looks as […]

Activity Passport Certificate of Achievement


Parent Powered Activity Passport

Involve Parents An Activity Passport should not be something that dominates teachers’ time. It is optional. However, most teachers would agree that the activities listed in […]

Manage Your Class Activity Passports

Class Activity Passports are a great way to keep on top of the Activity Passports for all the pupils in your class. We have created them for each year group. Click the tabs below to see the contents. Each Class Activity Passport can be downloaded FREE form our forums

Printing Passports as Booklets

Make a Booklet Our version of the Activity Passport has been laid out so you can print it on landscape A4 paper. Fold it in half, […]

Mobile Activity Passport in Action

Try The Mobile Version Here This is what the mobile version of the Activity Passport looks like on your phone or tablet. Scroll down to see […]

Mobile Version of Activity Passport

If you want to keep an editable version of the Activity Passport on your phone you can download a Mobile Version here.

Countryside Classroom Passport

The Countryside Classroom passport contains 18 challenges, relating to food, farming and the natural environment, that have been chosen to represent what we believe pupils should […]

50 Things To Do Before You Are 11 3/4

The National Trust have got 50 ultimate activities for you to have a go at, so get out in the fresh air and build a den, make […]