Ten by Ten

Wes Streeting MP says research using the government’s own data, shows that primary-age children in England are being denied access to competitive sport, refused the opportunity […]

Create Your Own Activity Passport

Do Your Own Thing If you like the idea of an Activity Passport but don’t like the activities that the DfE has chosen or you don’t […]

Damian Hinds’ Guidance

When I first became Education Secretary, almost a year ago, I went around asking everyone I met what they wanted for their children.

What Would You Add to the Passport?

Whenever you create a list of anything, someone is sure to say "you've missed something essential out". This is even more true when the government have created the list.

Best Graphic on Activity Passports

Stan Dupp Scores There’s nothing like humour to get to the parts that other media cannot reach. This Tweet from Stan Dupp is a great cartoon that […]

Activity Passport – Real or Spoof?

Is This a Wind-up? It’s the question that many teachers on Twitter are asking. Is the Activity Passport for real? Or is it an elaborate hoax? […]

Personalise Your Passport

Our version of the Activity Passport can be easily personalised. You just start typing. Here's how.

Printing Passports as Booklets

Make a Booklet Our version of the Activity Passport has been laid out so you can print it on landscape A4 paper. Fold it in half, […]

Mobile Activity Passport in Action

Try The Mobile Version Here This is what the mobile version of the Activity Passport looks like on your phone or tablet. Scroll down to see […]