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Supporting the Use of Activity Passports

We like the idea of My Activity Passports and have set up this website to support teachers who want to use this idea with their classes. Equally we would like to support parents who want to help their own children use the Activity Passport either with their school or totally independently. We welcome feedback and interaction on the site and the easiest way to do this is via the Forums. Just log in and have your say. We are Mobile School Websites. We have no connection to the DfE,

Mobile School Websites

This is the name of the company behind Activity Passports website. We are teachers of many years, based in Bristol UK, and we create websites to help teachers do their jobs more easily. We have set up a number of free websites, mostly with an educational angle. The first website was AssemblyTube which helps Assembly Leaders find ideas for School Assemblies. We do this mainly to be helpful rather than to make lots of money. We give our time for free and currently our web hosting costs are running at £1200 per annum, so we are definitely making a financial loss by trying to be helpful.